Specialty products

A/C Line Set Panel Block Custom Fit


Rustic Product# NCPR215AC 

Smooth Product# NCPS214AC 

A/C Line Set Kit


A/C Line Set Kit Includes:

1 Quickflash A/C Line Set Panel

1 PPG A/C Line Set Fiber Cement Mounting Block

1 PPG Precut Head Flashing

Rustic Product# ACK501R

Smooth Product# ACK500S

A/C Line Set Kit after installation


A/C Disconnect / Irrigation Block


7.25" x 11.5" 

1.75" Inside Diameter 

Rustic Product# PR423DB 

Smooth Product# PS424DB 

Communication Blocks


Small:  5.5" x 8"

Rustic Product# PR410CBS

Smooth Product# PS411CBS

Large:  7.25" x 10.25"

Rustic Product# PR412CBL

Smooth Product# PS413CBL

0.75" Inside Diameter on both sizes

Use:  For security camera mounts, irrigation panels, communication boxes and small wires.

New Construction, Multi-Family and Remodels.

Small Communication Block#2


5.5" x 8"

1-1/8" Inside diameter centered 3" up

Rustic Product# PR435SC2

Smooth Product# PS436SC2

Inside Corner


1.5" x 1.5" x 144" 

Smooth Product# PS308IC 

Use:  This is used to provide a sealing point at the intersection of two walls when installing siding. 

* Inside corners are available in primed      smooth fiber cement only.

Head Flashing


Head Flashing 5.5" 

Product ID#  ​HF416 

Head Flashing 7.25" 

Product ID#  ​HF417 

Head Flashing 9.25" 

Product ID#  HF418 

PPG Fiber Cement Primer Spray Paint


Product# SP500GP